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Monte R. Anderson

Hi. I am Monte R. Anderson, writer and author.

Monte R. Anderson's Bio:

Monte R. Anderson is a freelance writter and author of six e-books: two novels, two non-fiction books, one novelette, and a collection of short stories. Monte R. Anderson is currently seeking writing jobs and projects. He has published articles in professional journals and edited newsletters. Monte R. Anderson was a contributing author for the Association for Facility Engineering (AFE) Certified Plant Maintenance Manager (CPMM) Study Guide in 2004. It is still being used. Monte R. Anderson published tie following books: Monte’s Shorts, The Clone Murders, Angels and Gargoyles, 2012, Leadership for New Managers, Archimedes of Syracuse: Leonardo da vinci's Mentor,  

Monte R. Anderson's Experience:

Monte R. Anderson's Education:

Monte R. Anderson's Interests & Activities:

Writing fiction and non-fiction, history, comedy, humor, travel, Maintenance management, facility management.

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